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[VIDEO]- ECommerce KPI Dashboard - Google Data Studio

Highly recommend visualizing your ECommerce data in a KPI dashboard, and specifically Data Studio!

[Video Transcript]

Hey everybody, Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting Firm diving into some ECommerce performance dashboards and KPI dashboards within Google Data Studio! There's a whole lot of KPIs out there for e-commerce. I mean in every sort of category, from effectiveness, financials, website, etc, etc, marketing… Google analytics is the data source that I'm going to use for this. It's a very common data source obviously, but as we're going to do some side by side, you'll see it's not the best user interface. Shopify is similar, anything like that. So diving into some dashboards, we will see how to actually use that data and present that data in a way to make decisions from it. Let's dive in!

All right, so here is the example ECommerce dashboard in Data Studio. Like I mentioned, there's a whole lot of metrics that you can have for any sort of e-commerce dashboard. I’m highlighting a few here. So really quickly, I grouped it into effectiveness, think like ROAS (return on ad spend), of course conversion rate, things like that, financials, website, some pretty standard metrics here. Honestly nothing too crazy. Even the visuals here are fairly standard and they're not going to knock your socks off. I mean the speedometer is kind of fun but nothing really crazy here. The big thing though is again, I mentioned that Google analytics was the data source for this. Let me do a side by side real quick.

So this is what I call the dreaded home screen of Google Analytics. So many good metrics in here, such good breakdowns, there's so many good pieces of data, it's just really hard to see in Google analytics. Everything's in here. It's all buried somewhere in there, but you have to click through all the different things on the side here. It's never going to have exactly what you want at a quick view. You might need some custom reports and stuff like that. Google analytics is fantastic for what it does but Data Studio is always what I recommend for not just visualizing, because that's a huge part of using your data but mean actually using the data. If you want to use any of these KPIs on here or any of the other ones that you track and guide them towards a business goal or a strategy or anything; I highly recommend using Data Studio to link up to Google analytics or Shopify or whatever else you use for ECommerce. This just makes things a lot clearer.

For my fake example data, these would be the exact KPIs that we have looked at and talked about and are measuring against and then some important views that go along with it. There's so much more that we could do here in terms of both KPIs but also I mean ROAS could be an entire dashboard on its own. We have it broken down. Actually, we just have it in the speedometer, but we could break it down in something like this. We could do channel, obviously it would just be paid/not paid versus organic but we could break it down by channel. We could have a whole ROAS dashboard, let alone effectiveness. Same with financials. Same with website info here. These dashboards are awesome and they are super helpful if you're doing anything ECommerce. It's really important to be data-driven.

Data Studio is a great tool to use to actually build a dashboard, to use the data, to make better decisions, to grow profitably etc etc etc. All good stuff. Can't recommend it enough! So that is the ECommerce little deep dive. Like I said, there's a whole lot more you could do with this in terms of KPIs, in terms of data sources etc. It is super powerful, very impactful, and much better than Google analytics. There's a whole lot more on my website on things like this, some Vlogs on this topic as well as other dashboards. I'll link that below of course. So please feel free to reach out. I absolutely love this stuff. I always love talking shop. So seriously reach out to me on my website or anywhere you can find me. Thanks so much everybody!

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