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[VIDEO] - CFO Dashboard Excel Example

Simple and customizable dashboard meant for Fractional CFOs, built in Excel!

For a "how to" overview in creating something like this, check out our blog about it!

[Video Transcript]

What's going on fractional CFOs! This is Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting and today we're going to walk through a dashboard meant specifically for folks like yourself, fractional CFOs. We'll get into all the good details about it, starting right now! Let's dive in.

Okay so as you can see, this is just an excel. It's nothing crazy, fancy, web-based, or anything like that but obviously we are all very familiar with excel. I personally love it and I know a lot of you do as well. I built this in excel and there's a lot of benefits to it. We'll get to that when we get to the forecasting piece of this. Starting off on the dashboard side, as you can tell I've got revenue, profit, and then gross. This is net profit margin. I pulled out just some of the main line items on an income statement. Obviously these could be anything on the income statement that matters to you and your clients, along with things like cash on hand and other important pieces of any of the three statements.

Obviously budgeting is a pretty big deal, so I've got this revenue percent of budget and profit percent of budget for the selected month over here. You can pick any month that you're looking at. We happen to be in October in this example. You can also change this trend graph style. We've got the current year, essentially 2021 current versus prior year and current year versus budget. That is reflected over here. So you can kind of see over time how this example company has done against their budget and then we kind of break things down a little bit further. So we've got the revenue source breakdown. What does that look like for each of the different four services or products that they sell and then how does that margin shake out on a product level or a service level.

Finally, in the corner here, we've got numerous existing clients. This is actually something that you can get from an accounting software like QuickBooks. There's a little bit of math behind the scenes but obviously a pretty big indicator for a lot of companies is what does the new versus existing client breakdown look like. Again, no crazy metrics here, just a really helpful visual that really enhances the conversation with your clients. This is a whole lot easier to digest than an income statement that's printed out.

The other piece of this dashboard is actually the forecasting piece. So there's a bunch of historical data in here. You've got different revenue sources, you've got different expenses, and then you've got some summary metrics down here along with net income. You can project this on a separate tab and you can kind of see where things are shaking out. They've got a 12 month trend for each of the income sources and then the projected for the next 12 months. The forecast then feeds this dashboard.

The dashboard puts it all together making it very easy to understand and this is something that is completely customizable for you and your clients. So that's it, that is the whole dashboard! Like I said, it's very customizable. It's honestly a whole lot of fun to make. I have an absolute blast! That is your CFO analytical dashboard. I hope you liked it!

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